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Full PPV History

Here is The Rocks full PPV history

1996- Survivor Series - Rock wins Survivor Series Elimination Match
1997- Revenge of the Taker- Savio Vega defeted Rock by countout
1997- Cold Day in Hell - Mankind Defeated Rock
1997- Badd Blood - Rocky , d-lo and Karma beat Legion of Doom in a Handicap Match
1997- DX - Stone Cold beat The Rock
1998- Royal Rummble - Stone Cold eliminates Rock to win Rummble
1998- No Way Out of Texas - Ken shamrock , Ahmed Johnson , chainz , 8-ball ,skull defeted Rock , Farroq , D-lo , Kama and Mark Henery
1998- Wrestlemania - Rock Defetes Ken Shamrock for Intercontinental Title
1998- Over the Edge - Rock beats Farooq to retain Intercontinental Title
1998- Judgement Day - Mark Henry beats The Rock
1998- King of the Ring - Rock beats Dan Severn , then loses to Ken Shamrock in semi-finals
1998- Fully Loaded - Rock battled Triple H to a 30-min Draw
1998- SummerSlam - Triple H beat the Rock in a ladder match for intercontinental Title
1998- Breakdown - Rock defeted Ken Shamrock and Mankind in a cage match
1998- Unforgiven - Ken Shamrock , Steve Blackman and Farroq beat The Nation by pinning The Rock
1998- Survivor Series - Deadley Game Rock defeted Bossman first round- Second round Ken Shamrock and Then Pinned Mankind in finals to win World Title
1998- Rock Bottom - Rock lost to Mankind
1999- Royal Rummble - Rock defeated Mankind in a "I Quit" match for World Title
1999- St Valentines Day Massacar - Rock and Manking Wrestle to a no contest
1999- Wrestlemania - Stone Cold beats the Rock for world Title
1999- Backlash - Stone cold beats The Rock to retain title
1999- Over the Edge - Rock beats Triple H via DQ
1999- King of the Ring - Undertaker beat Rock to retain Title
1999- Fully Loaded - Rock lost to Triple H in a Strap Match
1999- Summerslam - Rock beats Mr Ass in a Kiss my Ass match
1999- Unforgiven - Triple H beat The Rock , Big Show , Kane , Bulldog , Mankind in a Six-man for Title
1999- No Mercy - Rock beats British Bulldog
1999- Survivor Series - Big Show defeats Rock and Triple H for Title
1999- Armageddon - Rock 'n' Sock connection beat Outlaws for Tag Titles
2000- Royal Rummble - Rock eliminates Big show to win Royal Rumble
2000- No Way Out - Big Show defeats the Rock
2000- Wrestlemania - Triple H beats Big show , Rock and Mick Foley in a Fatal 4-way Elimination
2000- Backlash - Rock beats Triple H for World Title
2000- Judgement Day - Rock losses to Triple H in an Iron Man Match
2000- King of the Ring - Rock gets the pin in a 6-man Tag to claim world Title
2000- Fully Loaded - Rock defeats Chris Benoit to retain Title
2000- Summerslam - Rock defeats Kurt Angle and Triple H to retainTitle
2000- Unforgiven - Rock beats Undertaker , Kane and Chris Benoit to retain title
2000- No Mercy - Kurt Angle beats The Rock for the tile
2000- Survivor Series - Rock beats Rikishi
2000- Armageddon - Kurt Angle pins the Rock in a 6-man Hell in the Cell
2001- Royal Rummble - Rock comes in 13 and is 27 to be thrown out
2001 - No Way Out - rock becomes 1st ever 6 Time wwf champion by pinning Kurt Angle
2001 - Wrestlemania 17 - Rock lossed the WWF Title to Stone Cold Steve Austin
2002 - Royal Rumble - The Rock lost to Y2J who regained the undisputed championship