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It All Adds Up

Here Are The Numbers That Makes The Man Him Self

Expression Number: 3
He is creative, love reading and is into drama and singing. He likes to look different from the crowd and is enthusiastic about everything life has to throw at him. He is also friendly, loving and social, and people like him because his a laugh. On the bad side( Does He Have One ?), he can be too easygoing and one hell luv a gossip!



Soul Urge Number: 8
He is one hell luv a power-hungry tiger. Hewon't settle for anything less than success, and he likes being the leader. He also loves wearing the latest fashions and having the newest mobile phone. He is confident, energetic and ambitious. He is a good judge of people, but he can sometimes be dominating and expect perfection from everyone around him. 


Inner Dream Number: 4
He dreams of being solid and dependable. He wants to be organised in everything he does and to be known for his ability to make plans work



Life Path Number: 9 

He  compassionate, generous and kind - and the use of these qualities is your goal in life.He is probably trustworthy and opem-minded, and enjoy giving to charity. He really want to help others, which can lead to being a let down by those who abuse your generosity. He creative and good at English, art, drama and music. He makes friends easily 'cause he is so friendly and open, but he is a bit of a romantic when it comes to love. Relationships are difficult for him when his struck by the reality rather than the romance. Number 9 people need to believe that kindness and a lack of ambition can make them happy, because this is the best way for them to be. He is a natural giver.

These results were calculated by taking Dwayne D.O.B and full name . I do not agree with all of the the above !!