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The Most Electrifying Website The Rock Has Ever Seen


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The Rocks Biography

Here Is The Rocks Biography

Height: 6'5
Weight : 275 lbs
From : Miami FL
Stage Names : The Rock , Flex Kavana , Rocky Maivai and Dwayne Johnson
Also goes by : The Peoples Champion , The Great One , Rocky and The Most Elecetrifying Man In Sports Entertainment
Finishing Moves : Rock Bottom and The Peoples Elbow
Rock Bottom =1. Standing face to face with your opponent, grab his left shoulder with your right hand.
2. Grab his trunks at about his tailbone with your left hand.
3. Lift him up and slam him on his back (fall forward as you slam him). As you start to slam him down, let go with your left hand and let your right hand slip towards his neck.
Favorite Quotes : Know your role ! and If ya smell what the rocks is cookin !
Title History :
Tag Team = 8-30-99 - 9-7-99 , 9-20-99 - 9-23-99 , 10-14-99 - 10-18-99 , 12-18-00 - 12-21-00
WWF Champion = 11-15-98 - 12-29-98 , 1-24-99 1-26-99 , 2-15-99 - 3-28-99 , 4-30-00 - 5-21-00 , 6-25-00 - 10-22-00 , 2-25-01 - 4-1-01
WWF Inercontinental = 2-13-97 - 4-28-97 , 12-8-97 - 8-3-98

The Rock is a third-generation superstar with immeasurable athleticism--and cockiness to boot! After graduating as an All-American football star from the University of Miami, Rocky Maivia entered the World Wrestling Federation and quickly became the Intercontinental Champion.

Just when The Rock was becoming one of the most popular superstars in the Federation, he revealed his hatred for the fans and joined Shane and Vince McMahon at Survivor Series. Under controversial circumstances, The Rock won the World Wrestling Federation Championship at that event. The Rock went on to win the title two more times, each time in equally contentious fashion.

But whats done is done. The "Great One" is a six-time Federation Champion. Hes a gifted athlete, hes gifted on the microphonehes simply a gifted entertainer. And from the Rolex watch to the $500 shirts to the eyebrow and the Corporate Elbow, The Rock is just plain cool.

Whether hes a champion or a contender, a fan favorite or the most hated superstar on the roster, The Rock is a 29-year-old phenom. Hes already the "Most Electrifying Man in Sports-Entertainment," and when its all said and done he may go down in history as the most decorated, well-known and renowned superstar the Federation has ever known.

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